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by Why Another

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released May 29, 2018

All songs written by Adi Malka and arranged by Why Another

Drums, Guitar, Piano, Vocals - Adi Malka
Guitar, Background Vocals - Jordan Kerr
Bass - Pietro Gennenzi
Guitar, Keyboards, Computer - Armando González Sosto

Violin - Bengisu Gokce
Violin - Antoine Beaux
Viola - Gerson Eguiguren
Cello - Parker Ousley
String arrangements - Jordan Kerr

Recording, Editing and Mixing Engineer - Armando González Sosto
Assistant Engineer - Miguel Barriga
Assistant Engineer - Paul Matelski
Piano and String Section Recording Engineer - Miguel Barriga
Mastering - Luca Frugone Roca

Cover photograph by Rotem “Fisher” Steinberg

Recorded at The Record Company in Boston, MA

A special thank you to:

Francisco González Navarro, Matteo Salvatori, William Ospina Quiñones, Santiago Mejía, Simón Pinzón, Yong Yoon Kim, Noa Shneorson, Rotem “Fisher” Steinberg, Andrés Vera, Alon Amit, Tal Malka, Alexandra Moleski, Alex Stewart, Sydney Shiekman, Or Yosefov and everyone else who directly or indirectly supported us in this long process.


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Why Another Boston, Massachusetts

Why Another is an internationally membered group currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. The band's wide-ranging influences create a palette from which its five members paint a unique soundscape, enveloping the songs of front man Adi Malka. They combine the raw energy of rock with ethereal electronic textures and a thoroughly compositional approach. ... more

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Track Name: Now I Know What to Do
Of all the things
That you have done
I hope you never meant to harm
But it's all the same
It doesn’t matter to you

No one ever said
And no one ever told us
The price we had to pay
But most of all I know
How much you cared
You really surprised me
And everyone else
And everyone else

So open up the gate
I will never be the same
Open up the gate
We will never be the same
Track Name: Only at Night
I am all alone
I hope you are too
Hey, there's nothing to fear from
Change, what brings you here this time?
We’re living by these rules
Oh I’m sure I will be just fine

Then it all comes

Horrible thoughts arise
Where did I park my car?
Or how will we all die?
It could be from disease
Or maybe a knife stab?
And I don’t know why
I thought I'd be safe tonight

Then it all comes
Then it all comes
Then it all comes
Then it all comes
Then it all comes

Some days
It takes a few hours
After several showers
Man, how long must I wait?
"I see you are awake
There's things to address
And I can’t let you fall a sleep just yet"
Track Name: Why
All these people
Are they real?
And what did they tell you
All these years?
There's nothing to fear
Someday we’re all gonna die
There's nothing to find
If you don’t know what it is
And you don’t know what it is

Of all the people that I’ve met
You’ve made me so sad
Too many questions haunt us
We have to fight them

I swear I won’t let people like me in
I'll be in the corner, I won’t make a sound
I swear I won't let people like me in
I'll be in the corner they’ll make sure
I won’t make a sound
Track Name: I Don't Mind
I need inspiration
I'm blind by what I need
There are "wrong places"
That’s what I've heard at least

Make me a better person
Or don't make me at all
I feel like I give too much
And get nothing in return

Many things are “important"
What do we do to get them all
You are obsessed and so am I
Am I?

But maybe I just noticed
Everything is fine
You see I just don’t mind
Yeah I just don’t mind
I don’t mind
I don’t mind
I don’t mind
I don’t mind

There are no more questions
No one knows what to ask
It feels far, we’re so behind
The answer's already passed

Many things are “important”
Now you need them all
You are obsessed, and I am gone
No one needs to see

And only now we noticed
You need to know that I don't mind
Yeah I just don’t mind
I don’t mind
I don’t mind
I don’t mind
Track Name: The Secret
The forests were pure before you came
And all the seas were tiny rivers
There are no more shades
And nothing else is very special
Another channel, oh the horror

I’ve never said that I would be so full of hate
And I won’t be so perfect either
Learning how to speak is not for me
I can’t see my self use it later
And now it's special, I miss the horror

The truth is there is no secret
It couldn’t get any worse
And I can’t remember
Before you came
I could not forget
I could not forget
Track Name: Here They Are
Here they are
They are dancing
It’s on them or us
To decide who is to blame

My street at night
Is full of animals
I clearly
I clearly don't know how to appreciate what we have

Here they are
They are dancing
It’s on them or us
To admit we’re all to blame
Track Name: The Air
Stand aside
Can’t you hear? The raging fire fights for you
Down the hill
The view seems so nice
The air is fresh because it wasn’t harmed
I am the bite
On judgement day
Although I’m quite alright
Dress up put on the green beret
Down the hill
The view seems so nice
No reason for us to stare

Ooh, the air
The air
The air

Ooh, the air
The air, the air, the air
The air

The silent are gone
They are far away from here
No longer seen
By human eyes
A flesh disguised
Watch your left side
A tired winged beast with no name but soldiers atop
And time in slow motion deciding to be such a friend
Hurry up I don’t to want to wake up so god damn late
Time is up thanks a lot you didn’t help me at all

Aah, the air
The air
The air

Aah, the air
The air
The air
Track Name: We Are
We don’t care enough
Because we're told its forbidden
We bite our tongues
To find what we have taken

And its nothing but our freedom
It's no one’s but ours to keep
No one has ever betrayed us
Like the one thing that we're meant to be
We're meant to be

You can’t win
Because we are unique
Shame, you have tried
The truth is we surrendered

It was worth it we're used to our cage
But it wasn’t a pretty scene to see
We shouted we cried out loud for help
Luckily you were around
Luckily you were around
Luckily you were around
Luckily you were around
Luckily you were around
For me

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